before it ends, 2015

Thought that it would be nice to conclude the year with a final post mentioning events that has happened for the past few weeks.

First off, Metilda and I went to Amanda’s concert, Not-so-classical Xmas, before common test started and it was really good! The Hokkien rhythm of Christmas songs was really interesting!!


Finally gotten my USS pass with Yvette the other day after our last common test paper!! It was really fun and I totally felt like a kid again. We didn’t manage to catch a lot of the rides because all the queue were so long and the average time for most of the rides were one hour. Will definitely go back soon for all the rides. Since it was the Christmas period, there were fake snow and it was so pretty! So friends, if you need someone to accompany you to USS, you know who you can look for *hints*


Performed at Ngee Ann Civic Plaza earlier before Christmas. Although we weren’t absolutely good, it was quite a good experience!

Well, NPStrings will be having our annual concert on 23rd January, 7.30pm @ Ngee Ann Poly Blk 73 Musicbox. Admission is free, so do come on down to show your support if you happen to be free! Hope to see you there!


This year have been a fast and amazing one. It was really a roller-coaster ride with some ups and downs here and there, but it was all well at the end. Got a whole new environment by admitting myself into a polytechnic. I am really blessed and thankful to be given so many opportunities to excel.

Joining Strings is also one of the greatest thing that happened to me. I had always wanted to be back playing the cello and it really happened. I was even given a chance to perform during artsfiesta earlier this year and it felt really good to be back on stage performing. This is my passion and I will not give up now. Thank you NPStrings. To all those who are close with my in strings, thank you for all the good times during CCA sessions. I thought I would have given up in having a CCA because of all the commitments. However, I always look forward to CCA sessions because that’s the time I know I would definitely laugh, with all the jokes we crack. All of you are so genuine and I really enjoy your company.

Glad that I had ended 2015 knowing clearly who are true by my side. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who stayed by my side. Thank you for really being my true friend, the one that I can rely on. I may have my bad sides, but thank you for sticking through with me. It was a good year with you around, and you definitely made my year a better one. Let’s look forward to an even wonderful 2016!

Happy new year everyone!





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